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Zhoushan Shengya International Shipping & Engineering Co.,Ltd
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Telephone:+86-580-2049991 0580- 2861552
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Product Details

Impeller :all the seawater cooling Pump, including fresh water generator Ejector Pump Incl. Shaft and Mechanical seal all Pumps ,

Figure 1

( Material : SUS 316L ) instead of original Bronze Impeller .

( The original size drawing or sample should be supplied by Shipowner ).

According to actual using on vessels , we got several results by vessels Chief Engineer

A) Compared with Bronze Impeller , Stainless Steel Impeller is lighter, water channel is more smooth so that motor load is sharp declined. Reduced repair cost and time.

B) The standard quality of stainless steel impeller is meeting the qualification of European and Japanese product. The useful life is surpassed of original European and Japanese product.

C) Cost less, General price is 50% less than European and Japanese product.

D) We could new fabricate different kinds of sea water cooling circulation pumps, cargo oil pumps, Ballast pumps and G.S.Pumps , the max, diameter is more than 1000mm.

Should you have any request , please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope we will tie a prosperous business relationship from now on. We are confident that we will provide you with quality products and efficient and timely service.

After we introduced several companies

The above report by vessel Chief Engineer

There’s AMCL ( Associated maritime company (HONG KONG ) LTD.,SINNOTRANS SHIIPPING LTD.、 CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP .(HONG KONG ) LTD. And also India ,

Remark :

1) At first , we need you to provide sample to make steel mould, this can be permanent keep.

Please see the Attachement for our new product .

2)Even in a weak economy our Company consider for saving owner, all product on board after use are very energy efficient.