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The boss behind the "treasures of shipping China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative
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Treasure shipping director Khaled Hachem recently in Norway International Maritime Development Forum said, "China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative is better than the American model.

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Treasure shipping director Khaled - Hachem (Khalid Hashim) at the Norway International Maritime Exhibition Forum for Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy has made a strong defense.

Chinese "The Belt and Road covering 65 countries in the world, Europe, Asia, Africa and the three continents, 4 billion 400 million of the population, the expansion of China footprint has been questioned.

Hachem recently in Norway International Maritime Exhibition Asian Belt Podium speech said: "every piece of news reports of the western media to" The Belt and Road 'were negative."

He believes that although no major war has occurred since World War II, the number of deaths caused by American military operations is more than that of the two world wars.

"It is clear to all that China has taken these measures to calm the global situation rather than to solve it with bullets and bombs," Hachem said."

He added: "this is the final choice for twenty-first Century.". China is trying to use a creative solution. America's model is to try to push a nation toward democracy with a bomb."

Hachem said, China from its The Belt and Road "strategic benefit endless, including enabling idle steel and cement production capacity, increase employment opportunities.

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