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Taiwan Sanxiong cargo first quarter only evergreen profit
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According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan container liner Mitsuo evergreen, Wan Hai Yangming and the first quarter of this year only evergreen profit.

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Evergreen shipping revenue of 33 billion 840 million NT (about 74 yuan), a decline of 1%, but 18.3% over the same period last year. For Chinese lunar new year before shipment, the first quarter of the container freight show up after the first down, but because the overall volume and improve the loading rate, the unit costs decline, gross margin increased to 6.23% quarter 4.06ppts, better than the original estimate of 3.62%, after tax net profit of NT $313 million (about 70 million yuan), turnaround.

The main evergreen 4-5 month route loading rate has risen to more than 95%, while maintaining a high loading rate, plus the May America line has signed a new contract price for the third quarter, and is expected to be the peak season surcharge, all contribute to revenue performance; in addition to shipping alliance integration has come to an end, the alliance is expected to benefit will gradually show, is expected to further reduce the unit cost, is expected in the second quarter and three quarter revenue and gross margin showed a quarter growth.

According to Alphaliner statistics, since February 2017 has been put to the market idle capacity in May, idle capacity is 503 thousand TEU, the total market capacity of about 2.5%, the previous spot rate showed slow down, but the overall volume of view, America and Europe are line line growth over the same period last year, and the loading rate gradually since February again, now back to the 93%-95%, display the volume growth rate to digest idle capacity investment. In May 2017, the Alphaliner upgraded its demand growth rate to 4.6% in 2017, and the growth rate of the next transport capacity grew to 3%, indicating that the market supply and demand situation has improved significantly in 2017.

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