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In June 9th the introduction of "booking cancellation fee" Lloyd $60 / cabinet
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Lloyd Hapag-Lloyd will begin in June 9th, exports to India from Singapore on goods exporters levy booking cancellation fee (deadfreight), this is the second this month is following the shipping companies, shipping companies and third Maersk Maersk announced the upcoming levy had been firmly rejected the shipper (booking / cancellation fee deadfreight), the fee is 60 dollars / cabinet.

Dollar quick payment

Lloyd in the customer said in the announcement, to cancel the booking three days in all the shipper ships to Hong Kong will be charged $60 booking cancellation fee.

It is understood that the CMA-CGM CMA CGM announced in June 1st for all northern to the Red Sea, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka export goods, booking charge cancellation fee (deadfreight), standard fees: 150 U.S. dollars / cabinet. Maersk and announced on April 10th, for all export goods to the Red Sea, the Middle East, northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, will receive 125 euros / box (non Euro $135 / box) booking cancellation fee (deadfreight).

Plus now Hapag Lloyd, three shipping companies now have made it clear that the customer can get what that was similar to what can be left the cabinet after the issue of compensation.

As early as possible, the carrier attempted to launch a booking cancellation fee to reduce the number of booked cases but failed to board the ship. Last year, Herb Roth tried to set up $40 with the Maersk Line to cancel the booking fee, but in the end it failed. This is mainly because they are largely unenforceable. This leads to a careless prediction of shippers and a lack of attention to booking space, which also results in a ship company that is estimated to exceed 1/4. The end result was a disruption of the cargo ship and freight supply chain.

There is no indication that the carrier will levy a booking cancellation fee, while only for some routes, or operators are testing the market acceptance of new costs, in order to launch all sectors. The industry also believes that this is a trend, the follow-up or more shipping companies will join the levy, booking, cancellation fees.

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