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Zhoushan Shengya International Shipping & Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Contact:HannahYu(BusinessManager)
  • Tel:+86-580-2049991 0580- 2861552
  • Email:linji-lin@vip.163.com
  • Wechat :+ 86 13957215028
  • Mobile:+ 86 -13957215028
  • Address:No.468, Huifei Road, Dinghai district, Zhoushan City,Zhejiang province, China.


Zhoushan Shengya International Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd, with ISO9001 certificate, manages a wide range of shipping work. The business scope is as follows:

1, Voyage repair(Diesel Engine, M/E., Aux., Elec., Boiler, Pumps, Purifier, T/C., Nav., Auto. system, Hyd. System, Safety Equipment, Propeller Steel work, etc. incl. spare parts supply).

The ships which repaired are as follows:

1) M/V “Sami Canbaz”, Canbaz Shipping Group.

2) M/V “Jindal Varuna”, Jindal Waterways Ltd.

3) M/V “Meka 1”, Lilly Maritime Pvt.,Ltd

2, Ship equipment supply

1、(Agent of Alfa laval purifier;

MAPX207 ,MAPX205,MAPX309,MAPX204,MOPX205,MOPX207,MOPX309,MOPX209,PA615,PA605,MMPX304,WHPX505,WHPX510,FOPX610,S821,S826,S831,ect.

2、WESTFALIA: OSA20-02-066,OSA7-02-066 , etc .

3、MITSUBISHI:SJ-700,SJ-2000,SJ-3000,SJ-4000,SJ-6000,SJ-11T,SJ-15T SJ-16T,SJ-20T,SJ-30T,SJ-30G,SJ-10G,SJ-20G,SJ-10F,SJ-30F,etc.


Mitsubishi purifier and WestAlfa Laval purifier; Diesel Engine, Major spare parts). Turbocharger parts supply,such asVTR160,200,320,400,161,201,321,401,500,630,251,254,354,564,etc.(Service engineers have ABB license.Cleaning, and balance adjustment.)

3, Agent of the shipyards in Zhoushan.

There are a large amount of spare parts in stock, which could be supplied to the customers around the world.

4,Tank coating and maintenance tanks(chemical,product carrier).

Zhoushan Shengya International Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd gives service to the customers in conformity with the principle which is quality first, integrity and honesty. Welcome the foreign customers to cooperate with the company.


In the recent our company is carrying on developing new products of impeller, shaft and mechanical seal for kinds of Marine Sea Water Cooling Pump.

1) Stainless steel casting & impeller’s manufactory;

2) Mechanical Seal;

3) Pneumatic power system;

4) Chock and Bollard.

6、Initial stores supply

1) OSM Maritime service Ltd , KAS MARINE 1 , Initial Store Supply , 2009

2) Hong Kong Vertically And Horizontally Maritime Group. Initial Store Supply , 2008

3) Iran Shipping Company . Initial Store Supply , 2010

Technical Service

We strive to continuously provide better, more efficient service to all our clients. Our team is contactable round-the-clock, even on weekends and holidays. Accurate and reliable information is updated to our customers instantly on a personal basis.