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Voyage Repair

A) Emergency damaged steel plate at anchorage in Zhenjiang Zhoushan

B) Emergency damaged Propeller repair during in Zhejiang Zhoushan

1) Before Repair

2) After Repair

C) New fabrication Rudder stock

2) New Fabrication Rudder

D) New installing lifeboat davit at anchorage in Zhejiang Zhoushan

1) Completed : New installation lifeboat and davit at anchorage

2) Lifeboat load test at anchorage

E ) Overhauling Generator Engine in Zhejiang Zhoushan

F ) Crack Testing during overhauling in Zhejiang Zhoushan

1) M/E Overhauled

2)Crack Testing

3)M/E After Completed overhauled

G ) The Auto System of Aux. Boiler Repairing

H ) Change New name for AMCL ( HONG KONG ) Co., Ltd and after including the final mark in Zhejiang Zhoushan

I ) Dry Docking Repair in Zhejiang Zhoushan Jinhaiwan Shipyard

1)Arrangement docking repair In Jinhaiwan Shipyard for M/V “ YANGTZE STAR ” by our Company

2) Arrangement docking repair in Jinhaiwan Shipyard for M/V “ EVER DECENT ” by our Company

3) Arrangement docking repair in Jinhaiwan Shipyard for M/V “PREDERIKE OLDENDORFF ” by our Company

4) Arrangement docking repair in Jinhaiwan Shipyard for M/V “ CHINA STEEL INTEGRITY” by our Company

J ) Arrangement M/V “ MARG VAIGAI ” docking repair In Zhejiang Zhoushan LONGSHENG SHIPYARD. CHINA by our Company